A move, a concussion & the last days of summer…

girl jumping in the pool, fine art portraiture

© shāna, Levitating, 2006


It’s been an interesting couple of months. Shortly after moving to my new digs at the start of summer I suffered a concussion. This required rest, rest & more rest. Minimal stimulation is key to a lasting recovery I’m told. For the most part, amongst other things, that meant no computer, excepting for some peaks here & there. I’m slowly getting back to myself. September always seem to help move things along for me.

As usual, a camera helped get me through. I brought a borrowed digital point & shoot (yes, still don’t have one!) to the E.R. so in between the pain, fear & fainting came this self-portrait. Lovely, ay?! Art is about process, not product, as Julia Cameron so aptly states in The Artist Way. To that I add, as is life.

in the emergency room at huntington hospital, ny

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

On July 4th, fine art photographer and blogger Aline Smithson, showcased an on-line exhibition with “Summer” as it’s theme. Since I wasn’t able to share it with you then, I thought I’d bookend the summer by including it here. The image above, Levitating, is included in the The Lenscratch Summer Exhibition. Please have a look and relish summer’s last days. However, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below before you go!

Here are some of the images I made this summer:

photo of girls standing poolside

© shāna, Girls At The Pool, 2011


photo of a woman in the field

© shāna, Untitled, 2011


photo of a girl sitting at a baby grand piano

© shāna, Baby Grand, 2011


I would love to hear from you in the comments below.  While you’re at it,  feel free to share the post by using the social media links below.

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05. September 2011 by shana
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Comments (8)

  1. Beautiful blog Shana. I love your new images, especially the girls at the pool.

  2. Stunning images! Wonderful seeing you this summer. Glad your injury is behind you.

  3. I am inspired by your creatvity and your positve attitude.

  4. Very glad you’re back, Shana.  And such an honor to be chosen by Aline!

  5. always LOVE your work…your photographs give off a feeling I can’t describe… so inviting, they draw you in…

  6. kerry: so glad you like – coming from you that means alot!

    ronny: great to see you too! muchas gracias

    tony:  in spite of myself, it’s good to know my “story’ reaches others.

    mark:  how cool to see you here! thanks for stopping by.

    barri:  i know you well enough to know what you “can’t” describe! : )

  7. Dear Shana,
    You’ve got a great sense of humor and a very positive attitude. Your pictures aren’t bad either. I especially loved the one of you.

  8. Dear Shana ~ Wonderful set of images.  I hope that you are feeling better.  My best to you!

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