My 1st TV interview!

Back in November I was approached by the oh so witty, supportive & straight shooting Elizabeth Cassidy of Coaching for the Creative Soul about being a featured artist on  She thought my “story” (my italics) would be interesting and inspiring for people to hear & see.  “Wow, yes, sure, thank you” stumbled off my tongue yet my insides were screaming no effing way! S c a r y stuff! Conflicted for sure but I knew this was a great opportunity to share my work – after all, this is the kind of thing us artists seek!

I have to admit it wasn’t easy. I was left feeling exposed, vulnerable & swirling with humiliation.  BECAUSE…

I’d come face to face with this profound paradox: I really want to be heard YET I’m so afraid of using my voice. Exhale. More about that in a future post. For now I’d rather focus on how appreciative I feel that this whole thing came about. Thank you Elizabeth, Natalie, Waldo & Joe. For better or worse, I’m proud that I pushed through.

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cheers from

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24. February 2011 by shana
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Comments (10)

  1. you did great Shana!  and you look really good.  Life hey – you never know….

  2. You are just too cool!

  3. You did just fine Shana. Long Island and the world could use more of this! Truly inspiring.

  4. Hey Shana,
    Great interview.  Once again, art imitating life!

    Love & light,

    ps- u can check out and subscribe to my web blog at:

  5. Hi Shana,

    I popped over here from the CC class.  I am very moved by your story, and I think it is a terrific video.  I also truly love your photographs.   Thank you for sharing this.

    Leslie Nutting

  6. You were brilliant in articulating your creative vision and offering the viewer a true glimpse of the creative process. Taking risk is part of life. Good for you grabbing the brass ring.

  7. Sherrie

    You did an outstanding job! You were inspiring. The photos beautiful. I loved it all. Keep on spreading your talent.

  8. dusty – oh, gee, thanks!
    donald- i hope that’s a good thing?!
    john – thanks love!
    perry – interesting point – thank you mucho!
    leslie – gosh, appreciate the generous feedback on all fronts!
    leila- your support is much appreciated.  feel it coming out the monitor!
    sherrie – nice to see you here.  i’m working on it – thank you so much.

  9. Very cool looking Hassleblatttt. I understand they take good pictures.

  10. you did a wonderful job being interviewed……………you seemed so relaxed……….I would have been so nervous, but that’s just as I am…………I have always hated the “spotlight”……………….just wanted to say that your photography is wonderful……………I have known illness also all too well…………I find photography to be one method of trying to heal……….take care…..Jan or Pamela (my name can go by either……I know that’s a bit odd, but true)……….if you don’t remember me, I met you at the photoshop workshop

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